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Our ability to purchase and develop properties in a timely manner enables us to offer a wealth of choice throughout the market. From multi-purpose commercial premises to beautifully finished residential accommodation, we provide various options to meet the diverse needs of prospective buyers or tenants in both the commercial and residential sectors.


Committed to Excellence

Moyle and Moyle is a privately-owned trading group based in Hove.

We purchase, develop and manage a comprehensive portfolio of commercial and residential properties throughout Sussex and offer further financial services and funding for an array of situations.

Our central business focus aims to offer properties at a distinctly high standard. This attracts good, respectful tenants where a healthy working relationship goes hand in hand. In turn this results in lower turnover of tenants and low maintenance. We provide our tenants with a high level of service. We want everything to be seamless and effortless for them. They’re very much a valued part of our business. 

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